About Us

The Pinehurst Olive Oil Co. is locally owned by Buck and Kim Mims.

Our adventure began one Sunday afternoon two years ago as we discussed our future dreams and goals together. Both of us, entrepreneurially minded at heart, knew we wanted to start a business together. I am a big foodie and love to cook and try new recipes – it is a way of expression for me. I noticed several Olive Oil and Balsamic Vinegar tasting stores going up and I was fascinated by them!

What a great concept. I remember thinking about how fun it would be to work in one, or better yet, own one. I mentioned this idea to Buck that afternoon and the idea shaped itself into a future dream. At the time, both of us were knee deep in more than full time jobs and were not quite ready to make a change in our lives. So, we kept our dream in our hearts and waited for perfect timing. Just a few months ago, a friend from church was telling my husband how his daughter opened an Olive Oil Store and my husband said “Wow, Kim would love to do the same thing”!

Our friend continued to tell Buck that the Pinehurst Olive Oil Co. Olive Oil store in the Village of Pinehurst was for sale. We decided to make a phone call to Keith McDaniel, owner of Pinehurst Olive Oil Co. Olive Oil to discuss the sale. One thing led to another and the perfect timing we have been waiting for has arrived. We are now the proud new owners of The Pinehurst Olive Oil Co. We are more than ready to begin our journey as the new owners of an Olive Oil and Balsamic Vinegar tasting store, and so excited to be serving the community with our fresh and healthy selection of Extra Virgin Olive Oils and Balsamic Vinegars!  They are truly amazing and it delights me to share them with others. I have a passion to serve the community with excellent customer service, offering nothing short of the very best selection of Olive Oil and Balsamic Vinegars.

I will be in the store Full time and a major part of the day to day operations. We have a wonderful staff on board. In fact, if you are an existing customer, a few of the girls will be very familiar to you as they were hired in from The Pinehurst Olive Oils Co.. They will be very valuable to us as we launch the store again!  We plan to create a hard working but fun environment full of laughter, love, and the type of experience we hope you will find refreshing – we invite you, our valued customers, to join us in this exciting new journey!